D5065 max torque

hi could you tell me how many newton meters of torque max to d5065 brushless motor? I searched in the characteristics but I did not find!

Torque will be a function of Kv and current and gear ratio, among other things. Motor size isn’t directly related but does have a lot to do with it.

ok what relationship is there?

Unless you are reaching stator saturation, using a larger motor won’t increase torque, but larger motors can often reach higher flux levels before they saturate. Larger motors can also dissipate more heat which can increase the continuous power levels possible, but small motors can still sometimes acheive very high instantaneous power levels.

Probably what you want to be interested in, in your motor selection, is the motor Kv. A lower Kv is more torque and less speed [and more heat] per volt; a higher Kv is less torque and more speed [and less heat] per volt.