D6374 Connector Type

Does anyone have any information about the connectors that come soldered to the motor leads? I could not find this information on the forum or the product information page. Would it also be possible to add this information to the product page?

They’re called bullet connectors (sometimes banana plugs, sometimes other things). They’re pretty standard among hobby motors which I imagine is the reason for the oversight in not specifying. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NGC32I6

Thank you. I assume that they are the 4mm bullet connector version? Is this also the same bullet connector size that is used on the D5065?

I can’t speak to the particular sizes, but what I recommend you do is just purchase some male/female pairs that are suitable for your wire gauge/amperage requirements and replace the motor’s connectors if necessary to get a mating interface.

Yes they are 4mm bullet connectors on both the motor models. I will amend the product description, thanks for pointing it out.