Delivery time for orders


I realize it could not be the best place to ask my question, if so, please delete the post.

I placed an order for Odrive board on Monday. I have received an order confirmation (auto e-mail I guess), but not a shippment confirmation. What is a usual time for shippment since an order is placed? And what is an average delivery time to Europe?

I asked about this on but no answer. I tried to find any info about that on Odrive page (and here in this forum) but no luck.

Thanks for help!

@madcowswe will have to answer this.

Hi @rince,
I got your email also. Sorry about the delayed response, rapid growth is catching us with a lot on our plate.
Orders usually ship within 48h on weekdays. Delivery to EU is usually around 1-2 weeks, but some customs offices are very slow for some reason.