Differential (Line Driver) Encoder Adapter Board

Hello everyone,

I’ve made a differential encoder adapter board that will plug directly into ODrive. It has a BOM cost of $5.73 each (Digi-Key) + the cost of the board ($1.75 for 3 on OSHPark). MIT Licensed, so feel free to fork it and do whatever you need.

It uses the 5V from ODrive and supplies that to the encoder. Supports A, B, and Z differential inputs.

GitHub Repository: https://github.com/Wetmelon/Differential-Encoder-Adapter
OSHPark Shared Project Page: https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/JfDf458t
BOM on Octopart: https://octopart.com/bom-tool/bUMGyQwH


Hi Wet, you are a champion :grinning:

Not sure how it would be used, but you are certainly clever to build it :thinking:

Regards Jerry.

Very nice! I take it the Pinout on the single ended side is such that it just plugs straight into the ODrive?

A suggestion: Put the Pinout on the silkscreen, especially for the differential side (assuming the above is the case).

Differential Silkscreen side:

Flipped single ended side silkscreen to back:

Nice! Maybe put the 5V and GND silkscreen also on the top, to help avoid errors in orientation when plugging into the ODrive?