DIY yokeless Axial Flux motor


I built a simple DIY yokeless axial flux motor with off-the-shelf parts.

The stator consists of 6 concentrated windings around steel spools made from weld nuts. The rotor is made from two steel disks, with 8 magnets each, connected togethder by a shaft.

I’m using an MT6701 magnetic encoder in ABZ mode.

ODrive V3 settings:

odrv0.axis0.encoder.config.cpr = 4096
odrv0.axis0.motor.config.pole_pairs = 4
odrv0.axis0.motor.config.current_lim = 5
odrv0.axis0.controller.config.vel_limit = 25
odrv0.config.enable_brake_resistor = True
odrv0.axis0.config.startup_motor_calibration = True
odrv0.axis0.config.startup_encoder_offset_calibration = True
odrv0.axis0.config.startup_closed_loop_control = True
odrv0.axis0.controller.config.control_mode = CONTROL_MODE_VELOCITY_CONTROL

The next version will have a better mechanical design so that I can do some toque testing etc.


Carelsbergh Stijn

This is awesome, thanks for sharing!