Does odrivetool communicate with board via UART connection?

Before I deep dive into the Odrivetool script can anyone answer this question? When I connect to the Odrive v3.6 56v board via UART connection and fire up odrivetool, it does not automatically connect as it does with the USB connection, IS there some magic I do not know to make this work?

Odrivetool works via USB only as far as I know. You might(?) be able to make it work with UART since there is a UART “server” running but I’ve never tried.

I have UART working with odrivetool. You need to specify the port name to connect on the commandline. Look at odrivetool python script to see the syntax. U have mocved on to working on ros_control interface for the odrive.

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There’s several of you working on ROS nodes, y’all should get together so you’re not duplicating work.