Drive 1 motor with both channels?

Sorry if this has been asked before…

I have a 6KW (200A motor, 75V max) DC motor (Flipsky 65151). It draws 80A to 120A on average and rarely peaks at 190A. I run it at 56V, but could tone it down to 52V or so.

Is it possible to run the two channels of oDrive in parallel to drive this motor to take advantage of all the power capacity in the ESC? I will of course put a big heatsink, maybe some water cooling in that heat sink, and / or a fan.


Anyone tried this or knows if it will cause problems to parallel both channels on 1 motor?

I vaguely remember a discussion on this some time ago. But searching the forums, I can’t find it. Maybe I imagined it.
@Wetmelon might have a better idea if it is implemented or not.
I’d say most likely it is not implemented, because it would be dangerous: The DRV8301 gate driver would no longer provide any interlocking against shoot-through.
If the software timing was off by a fraction of a millisecond, there would be a lot of smoke.

He actually filled me in via private message.

The answer is no, because the output would be out of sync with one another. However, the firmware could be modified to make them in sync. Nonetheless, it appears there is a limitation on the max RPMs out of both channels of about 4k, where we need upwards 20k RPM.

Thanks for the response anyway…

That limit (4700rpm, not 4000) was specific to a 120KV motor with 6 pole pairs. The velocity limits are documented in the specification docs page here: under “Max motor RPM”.