Drive a small gimbal motor


We are trying to drive a small gimbal motor with the odrive. The maximum current of the motor is 800mA at 24V and nominal 300mA, it has 22 polepairs, we ran the odrive in gimbal mode and we are using it together with an encoder which has 64000CPR.
We have tried to run it several times but each time more than two amps ran through the motor. When we ran the motor with a gimbal driver it pulled the maximum of 800mA.
Should the odrive be able to control this motor? And how precise?

Thanks in advance

Did you set the motor type to MOTOR_TYPE_GIMBAL ?

Also, be aware of the fact that current_lim and calib_current actually mean voltage_lim and calib_voltage when using gimbal motors.

See for reference.

Thanks for your response! We did run it in gimbal mode.

Maybe we need a current limiter too for our purpose, because we keep frying our gimbals

You’re probably running them at their rated voltage, at which they’ll overheat quickly. Try like rated voltage / 3 or so.