Driving Kollmorgen AKM42S Servo using ODrive

To be honest, i don’t think im gonna do anything about that. The noise is really only an acustic issue. It has pretty much no effect on the feeling i get when driving with it, especially when turning up the maximum force.

By the way, here’s an updated demo of the wheel.
I use my software to set a torque limit of 15Nm, wich corresponds roughly to 41.25 Amp.
At that torque it gets really difficult to turn the wheel in fast corners. And effects like curbs or getting off track are really well transported through the motor.

The noise issue persists, but as i said it really doesn’t effect the feeling one gets while driving, especially with a high torque limit. Overall I’m really pleased with the result.
And thanks to all of you guys with helping me out with this project, i’ve learned a lot.
I reckon this is not the last time i’ll use the ODrive.