Drop in 3D printer application


Hi Folks, I love the odrive close loop performance. I’m researching a large scale 3D printer build, and have to date been considering a ustepper as it’s a drop in replacement in a marlin firmware printer.


It’d be awesome if you could provide drop in code as per ustepper to allow its seamless 3d printer integration. I’d definitely be up for a couple of boards and 4 encoders if I could use them in my application.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
Many thanks

Barry M



hey @cncmodeller, I’m currently working on a large 3d printer that uses odrive, I’ll probably place the project on hackster when I get some time, I’m planning on using the same control board with step/dir interface to odrive, that way it should be a drop in replacement to steppers without changing any firmware


I don’t think that’s required. The ODrive should work in step/dir mode as a drop-in replacement already, without any code changes. You just need to configure step/dir mode with the odrivetool.


Ok thanks. I’ll place an order for a 48v board when they are back in stock.
Many thanks
Barry M