DRV Fault on ODrive v3.6

I got a DRV fault on a V3.6 12-24 volt ODrive. I was able to clear the error but when I attempt to calibrate the motor it reappears. The motor does not respond to any commands. The ODrive was powered off a 12v lead acid battery and the motor was a Rev robotics Neo (outrunner with hall sensors). Any idea on how to fix it or if it needs to be replaced.

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what does this say?


Both myself and Daniel are working with the same odrive.


I have the same problem, any idea about how to fix it?


Not to hijack this thread, but I am also interested in finding a solution to this. I have an ODrive V3.6 56V and have received the same fault; after weeks of successfully running the ODrive.

To be specific, I am seeing:
ERROR_DRV_FAULT — 0x00000008

Any insight is greatly appreciated! :grinning:

Hi CDI, unfortunately a DRV fault that is persistent through reboots but was working well likely means the DRV chip has failed and needs to be replaced. It’s possible it just needs to be “reflowed” though, you could try adding flux and solder to each of the pins.

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Okay that makes sense. Thank you for your help.

Also check that nothing is connected to the SPI pins (MOSI / MISO / CLK) - if there is anything unusual on these pins (like a misbehaving SPI device, or something that isn’t an SPI device) then you will also get ERROR_DRV_FAULT

You could also put a scope on MISO and CLK to see what is going on.
Normally you should see two bursts of CLK, with data from the DRV chip on MISO.
If one chip is disconnected then you will see two bursts of CLK and only one burst of data on MISO.