DUET 3 CAN bus suport

I have the knowledge and the tools to do it but, is there any interest in a single motor 6~48v Odrive with duet 3 Can bus integration ?
i was going to try and stick to a nema 23 backpack design with all the same inputs as current Odrive but add on Can Bus support, few gpio’s and addressing so it can be tied in using the new duet 3 with only the power and can bus loop, this makes multiple drive systems very simple for wiring just run power to everything and a single data cable…using this the Duet 3 can sync and control 24 of them that’s a lot of axis in my book

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Hi !

That sounds very interesting ! What do you mean exactly with NEMA23 ?
A closed loop 2phase NEMA23 without FOC or a 3phase NEMA23 with standard ODRIVE-FOC ? Or do you just mean the “size factor” with NEMA23 ?

The “problem” with ODRIVE/FOC compared to a normal stepper driver is that the FOC control costs bandwidth which results in a not as good dynamic trajectory control. In addition steppers don´t have these cogging problems. Or in other words it is very hard to get ODRIVE/FOC to follow trajectories as good as normal steppers do… and i would not need FOC, because i don´t care about efficiency.

Because of covid travel restrictions i am going to rebuild my plasmacutter and maybe play with wire arc additive manufacturing. In both cases i have EMC problems, so CAN would be welcome…

For my applications (3D printers, CNC cutters etc.) the best way would be a closed loop 2phase stepper motor using CAN for e.g. encoder feedback. This is missing in the DUET3 world.
But i would also go for a single axis ODRIVE and i am waiting like many others a long time for ODRIVE v4 single-axis boards.

Hey, I would like to see a simple integration of duet and odrive.

I am MORE than interested in this. But I need the ability to control 2 over CAN, for the two driving motors for a coreXY.

PS - I know I’m bringing this thread back from the dead, and I apologize. I’m just trying to renew interest in CAN projects. This one especially.

What’s the issue? You can easily control two or more axes over CAN as easily as one axis. Just pay attention to the node_id config for each axis.