Duet wifi board with Odrive

I want to tap out step/dir signals from the Duet 2 Wifi board so that I can feed those into the GPIO of ODrive. But there isn’t any pre-available pinout so that I can tap it out. What should I do?
A friend of mine suggested to connect the wires from TMC driver chip’s step/dir pins into the Odrive.
Would that work? Any other suggestions?

pinout diagram of Duet 2 Wifi board : https://d17kynu4zpq5hy.cloudfront.net/igi/duet3d/4k56ZjaaAHrTJI6Z.huge

I note that the expansion header has a whole host of step direction outputs that I presume are intended to allow the addition of additional stepper motor drivers. These are labeled as axies 5-9. If you can remap X, Y and Z on these axies, you can use these to control an ODrive.

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You connect odrive step/dir inputs to the driver outputs on the expansion header on the duet board and then remap the X and Y axes to the correct drives in the config.

Duet sells a breakout board for the 50 pin connector that breaks out each of the 5 extra drives into separate outputs. I suggest you use that.

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There is also a small break out board for duet 2.
Not advertised.
Half the price