Enable watchdog with arduino

I can successfully control two different odrive boards with my esp32 using the arduino library, and now it’s time to make it safe. I want to enable the watchdog feature in my code to limit the capacity for chaos and bloodshed. I don’t think this feature exists yet in the arduino library, but I tried to edit ODriveArduino.cpp by adding

void ODriveArduino::EnableWatchdog(int motor_number, float watchdog_timeout, bool should_enable) {
    serial_ << "o " << motor_number << ".config.watchdog_timeout "<< watchdog_timeout << "\n";
    serial_ << "d " << motor_number << ".config.enable_watchdog "<< should_enable << "\n";

It’s not causing any errors, but it’s not doing anything either. I have no idea what the opening "o " and "d " might do. I just copied the formating of the other features in the file and picked new letters. I have also edited ODriveArduino.h by adding

void EnableWatchdog(int axis, float watchdog_timeout, bool should_enable);

I am trying to call the whole thing using the following in my .ino


Any tips for making this work?

In general, once the watchdog is enabled, there are several UART commands that “feed” the watchdog, including a dedicated u command


Thanks, I’m throwing new velocities at the odrive as fast as I can, so the watchdog is plenty fed. It’s enabling watchdog that I’m looking to do. I know I can save the configuration with watchdog enabled on boot, but I wanted to be able to explicitly activate the feature to be extra sure of safety.

I see now that the message I structured needs something on the firmware side to listen, so that’s why it’s not doing anything. I’m cycling onto another aspect of the project next week, but when I come back to this, if it’s still important, I’ll look at ascii_protocol.cpp and see about changing cmd_update_axis_wdg by adding something like axes[motor_number].enable_watchdog = True;

Seems harmless in the long term and would just re-activate the watchdog any time it got the u command you mentioned. Gets me the belt and suspenders safety I’m after. Assuming when I get around to this it does what I think.

Thanks for the ideas.

Oh. I figured out the issue. you’re using o and d instead of just uisng the w command.

void ODriveArduino::EnableWatchdog(int motor_number, float watchdog_timeout, bool should_enable) {
    serial_ << "w axis" << motor_number << ".config.watchdog_timeout "<< watchdog_timeout << "\n";
    serial_ << "w axis" << motor_number << ".config.enable_watchdog "<< should_enable << "\n";

This should work. See ASCII Protocol — ODrive Documentation 0.0 documentation

Beautiful. Works great, thanks!

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