Encoder Error during calibration and unstable current

Hello, I recently bought an Odrive. I was able to get it up and running at one point, but now have an Encoder Error when I run full calibration or just motor calibration. I was able to accurately shadow count the encoder, and every now and then the motor does calibrate, however its very spotty. Another issue I noticed was that I get an Unstable Current error when I run in Closed loop on the times that it did calibrate.

Motor: DUAL SHAFT MOTOR - D5065 270KV
Encoder: AMT232B-V absolute encoder
Power Supply: 24V 18A
ODrive Firmware: v0.5.1-dev
OS: Windows 10

Any help would be appreciated!

Check that the encoder is well secured to the shaft and is not slipping, would be my suggestion.

It is firmly attached.

There were some recent changes to the python odrive package. The UNSTABLE_CURRENT error is from an older version of that package. Can you upgrade the package by running pip install --upgrade odrive? We got more descriptive with the errors, which will help with debugging.

After upgrading at Mr. Johnson’s recommendation, I get an ENCODER_ERROR_ABS_SPI_COM_FAIL. Any idea what might cause that?

We recently discovered the AMT232b-v does not properly tri-state its MISO pin. This causes conflicts with the motor drivers. The solution is either to power the AMT232 on after the motor driver configuration (about 1 second after power on), OR add a tri-state buffer on the MISO pin.

So I have been power cycling the encoder, that’s how I was able to shadow count correctly. My problem is that I get this errors after dumping and verifying that shadow count is changing correctly