Encoder error - No response

Hi all,

I am currently calibrating my ODrive 3.6, a motor and the encoder. I followed all steps of the getting started guide. At first I got the PHASE_RESISTANCE_OUT_OF_RANGE motor error when i try to run odrv0.axis0.requested_state = AXIS_STATE_FULL_CALIBRATION_SEQUENCE. I changed .resistance_calib_max_voltage` to 6.0f as suggested [here].(Phase resistance out of range for 100kV 12V motor) so now I got a step closer. Now it is beeping and turning into one direction. It is only doing that once after rebooting. It is not turning back into the other direction though. Now I get an encoder error instead of the initial phase resistance error: EncoderError.NO_RESPONSE. The encoder I am using has a cpr of 4096. Also the following calibration steps (f.i. closed loop control) are not working either. I checked all cables and connections multiple times, it shouldn’t be a hardware issue. I tried all the things that were suggested in the getting started guide and in some of the threads here. Unfortunately nothing helped. The shadow_count doesn’t change either and stays at 0 the entire time. Since I am also fairly new to the topic, I also may have done something wrong in the troubleshooting.

I am using a Linereceiver, so maybe there is a Problem?
Sorry for all the edits, the problem simply changed a littlebit in the last hours.

Below you can find some more information about my system.

I would really appreciate some help here. Thank you!

Here is the new error message:

system: no error
axis: Error(s):
motor: no error
DRV fault: none
sensorless_estimator: no error
encoder: Error(s):
controller: no error
axis: no error
motor: no error
DRV fault: none
sensorless_estimator: no error
encoder: no error
controller: no error

The following are my calibrated values

In [63]: odrv0.axis0.motor
DC_calib_phA: 2.5175020694732666 (float)
DC_calib_phB: -1.3357999324798584 (float)
DC_calib_phC: -1.182316780090332 (float)
I_bus: 0.0 (float)
I_bus_hard_max: inf (float)
I_bus_hard_min: -inf (float)
I_leak_max: 0.10000000149011612 (float)
R_wL_FF_enable: False (bool)
acim_autoflux_attack_gain: 10.0 (float)
acim_autoflux_decay_gain: 1.0 (float)
acim_autoflux_enable: False (bool)
acim_autoflux_min_Id: 10.0 (float)
acim_gain_min_flux: 10.0 (float)
bEMF_FF_enable: False (bool)
calibration_current: 10.0 (float)
current_control_bandwidth: 1000.0 (float)
current_lim: 10.0 (float)
current_lim_margin: 8.0 (float)
dc_calib_tau: 0.20000000298023224 (float)
inverter_temp_limit_lower: 100.0 (float)
inverter_temp_limit_upper: 120.0 (float)
motor_type: 0 (uint8)
phase_inductance: 0.000321847852319479 (float)
phase_resistance: 0.31493717432022095 (float)
pole_pairs: 11 (int32)
pre_calibrated: False (bool)
requested_current_range: 60.0 (float)
resistance_calib_max_voltage: 6.0 (float)
torque_constant: 0.09527649730443954 (float)
torque_lim: inf (float)
I_measured_report_filter_k: 1.0 (float)
Ialpha_measured: 9.774343490600586 (float)
Ibeta_measured: -0.10375363379716873 (float)
Id_measured: 9.774792671203613 (float)
Id_setpoint: 10.0 (float)
Iq_measured: 0.02757401205599308 (float)
Iq_setpoint: 0.0 (float)
Vd_setpoint: 0.0 (float)
Vq_setpoint: 0.0 (float)
final_v_alpha: 3.257107734680176 (float)
final_v_beta: 0.06855238229036331 (float)
i_gain: 314.93719482421875 (float)
p_gain: 0.3218478560447693 (float)
phase: 3.1080567836761475 (float)
phase_vel: 12.566370964050293 (float)
power: 47.74690628051758 (float)
v_current_control_integral_d: 3.1925530433654785 (float)
v_current_control_integral_q: 0.11242417991161346 (float)
current_meas_phA: -2.5181822776794434 (float)
current_meas_phB: 1.3367959260940552 (float)
current_meas_phC: 1.1814779043197632 (float)
effective_current_lim: 10.0 (float)
error: 0 (uint64)
config: …
temperature: 32.1434326171875 (float)
is_armed: False (bool)
is_calibrated: True (bool)
last_error_time: 0.0 (float)
max_allowed_current: 60.75 (float)
max_dc_calib: 6.075000286102295 (float)
config: …
temperature: 0.0 (float)
n_evt_current_measurement: 2385222 (uint32)
n_evt_pwm_update: 2385226 (uint32)
phase_current_rev_gain: 0.02500000037252903 (float)

The motor values:

Did you fix it, I’m having this issue too