End switches an interrupts


I’m not really sure how to install the end-stop branch to my odrive with the DFU tool, since I don’t have an ST-Link.

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My suggestion is to have ST-Link. Sometimes my ODrive wasn’t accessible after a shutdown. The only way to get it working again was to flash it with the ST-Link.
On the other hand, if you want to send ASCII commands, there is already the serial timeout bug. To do the workaround like described here: Serial Timeout Issue
you have to modify the firmware. With a ST-Link it’s much easier.

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I would really like to use this feature, but it still hasn’t been included in the main release. Can I help out with testing without an ST-Link, or is it too risky? If so, how? I have the hardware setup necessary to test end switches.


Please do help out! You’ll just have to pull the Endstops branch. I’m not 100% sure how to flash the firmware without an ST-Link, you can probably do some sort of DFU once you build the firmware though.


An STlink clone is stupid cheap. Like cheaper than the screw terminals on the ODrive.
$2.02 (US) free shipping on AliExpress

Less than $10 on amazon
I consider it pretty much a requirement to work with the ODrive.