EnDat 2.1 compatibility


I need a new driver for a rotary table, which already has installed a HAIDENHAIN (12 bit, 12 000rpm, 1Vpp) absolute encoder with EnDat 2.1 encoder protocol. Basically an RS485 protocol. Clock frequency 2 MHz.

EnDat 2.1: Encoder interfaces: Absolute electrical interfaces - Leine Linde
The encoder: https://www.heidenhain.com/fileadmin/pdf/en/01_Products/Produktinformationen/PI_ECI1118_1119_EQI1130_1131_ID1270494_en.pdf

Can the S1 or PRO handle this protocol? And I have a motor brake to control. 12-24V


Hi there,

I believe EnDat should be compatible from a hardware interface perspective on the ODrive Pro, although we don’t currently have firmware support for it. What is your timeline looking like?


the 4th axis will be finished when the machine is ready, so I have 6 months for find the best solution. The Odrive Pro looks good since fits in the drive casing.