Endpoint definition file

I see on the forums this used to be generated using odrivetool generate-code

Where do I find this file and/or how do I generate this file? I spent hours (finally successful) trying to get the native protocol working and it ended up being the “API CRC” was wrong, I was looking at this

This file is generated by ‘tup’ based on odrive-interface.yaml afaik.

If you want to re-generate it, you can delete the ‘autogen’ folder. Obviously you should never make any manual changes to files inside ‘autogen’.

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Is the JSON CRC computed at compile time and saved anywhere? Would be nice to know this value at compile time. I don’t really want to copy/paste this endpoint file since I’d have to modify it to remove all the fibre stuff anyway.

Sorry another question in the same vein… is there not an equivalent of ODrive/odrive_endpoints.h at master · odriverobotics/ODrive · GitHub autogenerated? I really am just looking for an enum for those and a uin16_t for the CRC. Thanks!