Epoxy granite 5 axis cnc mill with odrive probrably

Hi i am working on a new project. It is knuckle style 5 axis cnc milling machine with a 4kw bt30 spindle and 1.2kw odrive servos on the liner axis and 2kw servos on the rotary axis. I will have more details soon. I am considering using odrive as it will cost more than half what even no name Chinese import serves would cost. First of all what is the limit for the number of encoder pulses idrive can handle at once. In the current plan the motors are turning at no more 3000rpm into the 8mm pitch ball screws or the harmonic gearboxes and the encoders have a resolution of 13 or 14 bit. is the odrive fast enough to read these high frequency pulses and is it suitable for applications like this the forces I am aiming for is 2500 Newton’s

2^14 at 3000rpm is no problem, that’s less than 1MHz. It seems like it should work fine, although you may need some cooling on the ODrive to maintain 4kW at 56 volts.

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