I have started investigating.
I found one issue, which seems to be that I have put too much capacitive loading on the current sense amplifier, so it overshoots. This plot is of the current sense outputs for phase B and C (channel 1, 2). Note that during some of the switching cycle the current doesn’t flow through the shunt, hence the square waves. On channel 4 I have a current clamp (that was reversed in this case) verifying the current in phase B.

At low modulation (low speed / voltage), we sample in the flat region, so it’s not a big deal. However at high modulation, we can end up sampling in the overshoot part. In the following diagram I have lined up the center vertical gridline to where it would sample. Note how it would be on the overshoot region in this case, and hence sample an incorrect (too large) value. (This time the current clamp is in the same direction as the ODrive measures).

The failure mode seems to be that the current controller goes unstable. The current limit was set to 10A, but here it oscillated up to 50A before erroring out with BRAKE_CURRENT_OUT_OF_RANGE.

So it seems there is this overshoot ring to the current sense, but after that the value seems completely usable. To test to see if we can fix it this way, I picked a new blanking time of 3.5us, and hence got a max modulation of 65%. I spun up the motor and unfortunately the current controller still went unstable at around the same speed (~6k RPM). I verified with the scope (didn’t save pics of that sorry), and with the new blanking time it would appear that the ADC should indeed read clean (after the ring) samples every time.

So there could be something else going on. Maybe the capacitive loading also means the sawtooth waveform of the current ripple gets skewed and gives a correlated error that causes the loss of control margin. Maybe it’s something completely different. One thing that is interesting is that 6k rpm mechanical is 700 Hz on this motor which is getting into the stop-band of the current controller bandwidth, and we are getting only about 12 control cycles per electrical rotation. So it could be an issue that presents itself at high eRPM.

I will keep investigating.

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