Error calibrating: SYSTEM LEVEL

Im having trouble calibrating the ODrive pro for hub bldc motor with hall sensors. I am receiving SYSTEM LEVEL 0x02 error after approx 5 seconds after calibration start. I can hear a small humming from the motor before stop.

I am using 0.6.6 firmware for the Odrive and 0.6.5-2 for the odrive tool from the web gui.

I do not have the parameters for the motor since it is no name chinese motor but I counted the pole pairs to 20(by counting amount of hall sensor pulses on one state).

I am using a USB isolator and using a 30V 5A power supply for stand still testing without load. The motor is raised into the air with only a tire attached(since it is hubbed).

I though it was firmware mismatch first since that is what I found on some other threads but I could not find a 0.6.6 odrivetool version

I think it also could be incorrect hall sensor connection (possibly mixed two hall positions? See image)

Odrive GUI config:

Raw hall state output

Thank you

I managed to solve it. It turned out that the transient from latching the power step caused the voltage to drop too much crashing the stm32 (guess?). I used a 30V 5A variable bench power supply. I switched to the battery which was going to be used in final platform which solved all my problems.

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