Error Code 1 (0x1) When Trying to Eliminate Offset Calibration w/ Z Index

When I try the .requested_state = AXIS_STATE_ENCODER_INDEX_SEARCH command nothing happens with the motor or on my mac terminal. After requesting the hex error code I am getting 0x1 or 1 decimal. I tried looking up the error code at but do not see this error code anywhere. Perhaps I am missing it? If so can someone help me find out what this error code is and how to fix it? So that I do not have to do full calibration each time I turn my board on.

I am using this encoder

Also, I did set .encoder.config.use_index=1 before doing index search.

I updated the documentation to be a bit clearer:

Okay so I needed to calibrate first. I got it working now thank you. You may want to add that to this page under “Encoding with Index Signal”. Also, this hexadecimal thing is super confusing, I didn’t study computer science and it makes debugging harder for me. Not sure if that could be changed in the future? Either way, really liking the product.

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