Hi all,
I am using odrive v3.5 to control two 5055 Motors(600KV) with a Mean Well 240W 24V Power supply. each motor drive a actuator(lead screw) without loads。 when I control one Motor to drive the actuator on M0 @ position control mode, every thing is fine, it runs smoothly.
unfortunately, if I begin to control the second same motor to drive the actuator on M1, this motor on M1 always stopped and popup some errors, when I control the motor on M0 move to diffrent position. I seems that once I control M0 to move, the Motor connected to M1 will stop and lose control. but if I only control and move motor on M1 single, the M0 is ok, and M1 runs well too.
the dumpped error is below:
axis: Error(s):
motor: Error(s):
encoder: no error
controller: no error

btw the motor and encoder calibration are ok , both of them success to enable close control mode. if both motors just hold the postion , M1 is ok and can hold position.

I went over some related Topics , Is this issues caused by the current sense amplifer output outshot or Power supply ripple when Motor is running? M0 noise coupling to M1?
need some help to give some advise or information.
Great thanks.

Hi , I try to re-solder the MOS on M1 , the errors go away.

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