Error in current control mode

Hi, i’m not been able to resolve the errors that the Odrive its giving to me, occurs when the speed increase at a certain velocity or aceleraron in current control mode, i know that the current control doesn’t have velocity limit but one of the errors it over speed.
Here its the log of the errors.
axis: Error(s):
motor: Error(s):
encoder: no error
controller: Error(s):

If anyone could help me please.

It’s going overspeed. Set controller.config.vel_limit higher or vel_limit_tolerance 0 if you want to disable the error

Thanks so much for answer, so to be clear the current control mode has the over speed error, because i read in the documentation that in this mode it will accelerate until reach the top speed given by its voltage. The note said: Note: There is no velocity limiting in current control mode. Make sure that you don’t overrev the motor, or exceed the max speed for your encoder.
Its an amazing community, thanks so much.