Error message "UNKNOWN_PHASE_ESTIMATE" appears

I was running a motor with ODrive v3.6. It was mechanically limited and smoke came out of the motor. After that, it ran after cooling down enough. However, after a while, I get an error “UNKNOWN_PHASE_ESTIMATE” after calibration.
Is this a broken motor? I hope the motor is not broken.

At what point do you get that error? During calibration?

After calibration. The motor seems to be broken. When a slight load is applied, errors such as “current_limit_violation” occur.

Sounds like a bad encoder calibration, that’s usually the issue if it goes unstable as soon as you try to push power.

I checked the values like “phase_offset” ,“phase_inductance” and “phase_resistance” defined by the calibration. Those values seem to be correct.
I used a different motor and it worked. So, this is the solution.
Thanks for your reply.

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