Hello ,
I have a problem, i want to test the maximum speed of my motor, but when I put a high velocity limit and run it, the motor runs for a bit and then stops (i put a high position to watch it run for a while) then when i watch the errors I get a MOTOR_ERROR_CURRENT_LIMIT_VIOLATION. What does this error mean, what could be the problem(s)?

  1. Make sure that your encoder is tightly coupled to the motor and doesn’t slip.
  2. Try increasing current_lim
  3. If nothing else helps try slowly increasing current_lim_margin

While doing step 2 and 3 check regularly that the motor and the ODrive don’t overheat.

Thank’s for your help
After apply your parameter, we have another error

What motor are you using?

What axis.controller.config.input_mode are you using?

I use MOTOR - D6374 150KV with CUI AMT-102 encoder and odrive 56v (without power resistor 50w) Odrive source.

Battery 54v

Could you please tell me your axis.controller.config.input_mode?