Error with closed control on sensor less mode


I’m challenging to spin bldc motor with sensorless mode.

The motor can spin with open control(sensorless_ramp.finishe_on_vel=False).
But spin for seconds and stop with closed control(sensorless_ramp.finishe_on_vel=True).

The error is


Why this error appear with only closed control?

The sensorless_ramp params are below:
accel: 300.0 (float)
current: 1.5 (float)
finish_distance: 100.0 (float)
finish_on_distance: False (bool)
finish_on_enc_idx: False (bool)
finish_on_vel: True (bool)
ramp_distance: 3.140000104904175 (float)
ramp_time: 0.4000000059604645 (float)
vel: 3000.0 (float)


Er, didn’t you already solve this? :thinking:

Please use your other thread to discuss this same issue - don’t make duplicate topics.

ok, We will discuss in this theread.