Exhaustive List of Settings

Working on a Python GUI, and I was looking to see if there was a complete list of all settings that can be read/written. I see a few here and there, but nothing that shows everything together.


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Very nice initiative!
I would recommend to generate a tree view of the parameters you can select to modify dynamically from the odrive object.
To get an idea of how this kind of view looks like, we generate a 2-level deep view if you type the name of an object and press enter in odrivetool, for example if you type odrv0.axis0 and then press enter.

You can look how backup_configuration uses get_dict to get a dictionary of the whole odrive object here.

Thanks for the direction Oskar. Currently, it is very very basic as shown in the picture. I am using the odrive to drive two wheels for a car project I am working on.

I am using kivy for the ui libraries, pretty cool library, and pybluez for the bluetooth controller library.

All in all, it is chugging along. I want to be able to hit the settings button to see the current state of almost all settings for debugging purposes moving forward.

Are all parameters shown from the get_dict modifiable?


I know that the odrive object knows if a parameter is read only, but I’m not sure if that’s written out into the get_dict. If not, you could certianly add it.