Failed to flash ODrive

I git clone,compile it,and get build/ODriveFirmware.hex.
but I can’t flash ODrive via it.
I debug ,10000000 to 1000FFFF ,the segment in hex file ,can not be found in Internal Flash Sectors of ODrive device.

ODrive control utility v0.4.11
Waiting for ODrive...
Found ODrive 20823599524B (v3.6-24V) with firmware v0.4.11-dev

Warning: you are about to flash firmware [unknown version] which is older than the firmware on the device (v0.4.11-dev).
Do you want to flash this firmware anyway? [y/N] y
Contiguous segments in hex file:
 08000000 to 08000187
 08000190 to 08025D87
 10000000 to 1000FFFF
Saving configuration to /tmp/odrive-config-20823599524B.json...
Configuration saved.
Putting device 20823599524B into DFU mode...
Sectors on device: 
 08000000 to 08003FFF (Internal Flash)
 08004000 to 08007FFF (Internal Flash)
 08008000 to 0800BFFF (Internal Flash)
 0800C000 to 0800FFFF (Internal Flash)
 08010000 to 0801FFFF (Internal Flash)
 08020000 to 0803FFFF (Internal Flash)
 08040000 to 0805FFFF (Internal Flash)
 08060000 to 0807FFFF (Internal Flash)
 08080000 to 0809FFFF (Internal Flash)
 080A0000 to 080BFFFF (Internal Flash)
 080C0000 to 080DFFFF (Internal Flash)
 080E0000 to 080FFFFF (Internal Flash)
 1FFFC000 to 1FFFC00F (Option Bytes)
 1FFF7800 to 1FFF79FF (OTP Memory)
 1FFF7A00 to 1FFF7A0F (OTP Memory)
 FFFF0000 to FFFF0003 (Device Feature)
The following sectors will be flashed: 
 08000000 to 08003FFF
 08004000 to 08007FFF
 08008000 to 0800BFFF
 0800C000 to 0800FFFF
 08010000 to 0801FFFF
 08020000 to 0803FFFF
Erasing... done            
Flashing... done            
Verifying... done

What you’ve posted shows that it flashed correctly, so can you describe the problem more clearly?