Feature Request

There are lots of Features that are already implemented, V3.2 Feature List I’d like to ask for some features and I am willing to contribute.

  1. Connectors that have screw terminals. Like the Euroblock connectors which are very common for quick and easy replacement of ODrives, Motors, encoders etc.

  2. Sin/cos encoder support. Crossref.: https://discourse.odriverobotics.com/t/sin-cos-linear-encoder-interface/86/6

  3. Housing with DIN rail and thermal connection of the MosFETs and FETdrivers to the housing
    Housing for ODrive V3


Would you want to replace the high current paths (motor power) with the euroblocks, or just the encoders,etc. Or both?

The main issue with the high current paths is that it needs to handle the 60A range (continous rating). Though maybe they have them in high current ratings? Is that expensive?

For the other connections, like the encoder, it becomes a bit bulky. Although on a full enclosed unit, we may be adding some bulk anyway. (lets continue the enclosure discussion in that thread).