Field Weakening

Hi, does the ODrive operate field weakening?
If yes, how do I implement it? If not, is there a way I fudge it using the parameters available or in the C code?


Hi, no there is no logic for applying feild weakening current yet.

Yes it should be as easy as putting your desired d-axis current here. Replace 0.0f with some negative value in Amps. I’d make a new protocol property to play with it if I were you. In fact, if you make a clean addition of a d-axis current property, I’d accept that PR.

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thanks @madcowswe, I’ve started playing around with that and just noticed something I think might be a typo this line?

No that’s correct, the purpose is to flip the electrical direction of the motor without having to unplug and swap two phases. It’s there so you can configure which way is positive angle on the motor.

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