Firmware for absolute encoder - what is the likely release?


The ODrive Encoder Guide mentions that the firmware for absolute encoders will be released soon. Is there a target date or is it already included in the released version?

What will the interface type? A,B,I or just A & B? I am not too familiar with the encoders but have noticed both interface styles.



Absolute encoders use digital interfaces, the SPI is used for the 5048

Hi Roiki1,

I looked at both AS5047 and 5048. 5048 supports SPI and PWM interfaces. 5047 supports SPI, PWM, UVW and ABI interfaces. Has the decision been made re which encoders will be supported by the ODrive firmware; and if yes, which interface/s will be supported?

Also, will there be a reference design tor hardware including the magnets for these encoders?


Hello Roiki and Anisawe,
I am very much interested in having an absolute position sensor (to eliminate the startup indexing). I am very good at CAD but coding is a bit tough for me. I can definely design a case and magnet holder but will need some support on the coding side of things. So, if anyone has the code portion, I can make the housing (3d printable file).


The code is done. It works already on Wetmelon/RazorsEdge and you can try it if you can compile the firmware. I have tested it and it works really well with AMS AS5x47 encoders.
It will be merged to the main firmware in a few weeks i think.

Thank you for the confirmation of the code. I will be buying a Dev board for a chip. Thanks!

Is there an update on the absolute encoder implementation? I’m thinking about getting the AMT232B. seems like it is a good replacement for the AMT102-V incremental encoder I have. I think I saw in another thread that this encoder is now supported? is that true?

Any update on this? Cheers

Why isn’t any one from odrive replying? Not a super hard question, is there a firmware branch already supporting this?

@superjay as I understand it, ODrive Robotics is mainly run by one person as a side project, and then there are a bunch of people that contribute here and there either with their own forked branches they are developing or by answering questions here and there on the forum. There is no dedicated 9-5 support team or anything, So patience and persistence are the name of the game :slight_smile:

Sorry, I got the flu…

I have an absolute encoder test bench here. I have one encoder working well but multiple SPI encoders is misbehaving so we’ll have to see. I’d say we’re about 60-70% done with testing. Maybe end of the month?