Firmware STM32cubeMX error


I try to look at the source code in eclipse but I can not generate the ST code correctly with STM32cubeMX.
STM32cubeMX asks me to migrate the project to the latest version of MX cube.
Then, when I generate the code, I have this message
and finally
Do you have an idea to guide me towards the solution?


You can ignore both problems. The 1st one I will make a note to fix. We are not using the HAL timebase, but I can reassign the timebase to some unused timer anyway to make the warning go away (and if we wish to use the HAL timebase in the future).
The other error is because ST make really crap software. I don’t have a solution for this one. However we don’t use the SW4STM32 project file, so actually you can ignore it.

I think you will see that all the relevant files were in fact generated properly, so you should be good.


I have been using Eclipse for years but not at ease with the eclipse configuration. I know very well the cortex M4 but not the ST32 …

There I have a folder \ ODriveFirmware-master \ CubeMX2Makefile but it is empty.
I do not know how to do this under Windows
but after, in Eclipse and after import of the project and

the compilation fails…

and I know that path stories are important …

habitually, to import a project under eclipse I do import / general / existing project into workpace and it works by itself … there I can not understand where it blocks but except that it does not find definitions and that GCC is not activated correctly.


I’ll DM you about finding a time to Skype, and we can troubleshoot it together. Then when we figure out what went wrong, we can update the README to fix the missing or confusing information.

scuse me but I’m out of time for several weeks…but I’m looking