First Class Seats Restoring

Hello Everyone!
I’m working on restoring First Class seats from Aircraft, it’s been hell, and I need some guidance with configuring the Odrive to work with the motors. I have found that the company who has manufactured the systems is Enivate(link to website)

I have six different Maxon motors, each with an encoder and break, and I plan to control them with 3 Odrive 3.6 with teensy 4.1. One of the motors is the EC-4pole 30 (link to datasheet) with Encoder 16 EASY Absolute XT (link to datasheet). Could someone guide me through the configuration? I have tried for months and still haven’t gotten accurate position control.

*This project is aimed to make a souvenir for the aviation community

Hello, you can send me a dm.


Carelsbergh Stijn