FoosFighter - Robotic Foosball

Over the past little while, myself and a few of my classmates have been working on creating robotic foosball for our fourth year design project using the ODrive V3.3 and stock motors and encoders. We just finished a demo of a single functioning rod.

GIF Shooting Demo Short

The CAD of our demo setup is seen below. Ideally we will clamp the board down for other tests, as the board moves quite a bit when testing as seen above.

We have a website where we will post content in addition to on this forum:

The project is due in March, so now that we have completely motion for 1 rod, we will be replicating the motion to complete the setup. We plan on using a ZED camera for ball detection.


Great work! Iā€™m looking forward to seeing your progress!

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Modelling The Table

We quickly created a CAD of the foosball table we currently have.

After the demo of 1 rod, we felt confident replicating the setup for all the rods. Below is a rough image of what the final design will look like (as of now). We want to make sure we make no permanent changes to the table with our design.