Fw-0.5.1 Build problem

I want to increase the baud rate of CAN communication to 1 Mbps in ver0.5.1.
However, the baud rate of CAN communication in ver0.5.1 is 250Kbps.
To achieve this, I want to rewrite and build the ver0.5.1 program with VScode.
However, when I import and build a project that has not yet been rewritten, I get this error message.
Do you know how to resolve this error?

If I replace the stm microcontroller auto-generated program that sets the baud rate with a 1Mbps auto-generated program, will it work?

There’s no need to compile with a different baud rate. You can use the function odrv0.can.set_baud_rate(1000000).

Also, I can’t see your image anyway it’s too small.