Getting a ERROR_CURRENT_SENSE_SATURATION with lockin firmware

hi all,
i am currently facing an issue with a new firmware i compiled that was not there before.
when running the full calibration sequence, the motor stops and announces a ERROR_CURRENT_SENSE_SATURATION.

i have to add that the odrive is modified with 25mOhm shunt resistors and the firmware is compiled and flashed accordingly. the motors i use are rated for a max current of 4.4A.

i haven’t faced this problem with an earlier version of the firmware i compiled for the odrive with the same modification.

things i tried so far:

  • setting different (higher) requested current ranges - setting normally chosen is 10A
  • changing the current control gains

i assume the problems are due to the lockin, but i could not find the origin of the problem so far.
any ideas or similar problems?