Getting HALL_SENSOR_ERROR when calibrating


I’m using S1 with this motor: 48V 1500W Brushless Gearless Threaded Hub Motor for Electric Bicycle Rear Wheel | eBay. When I run calibration I get ILLEGAL_HALL_STATE.

Hi - you can try ODrive API Reference — ODrive Documentation 0.6.9 documentation

I got past the calibration issues by using code instead of the web GUI (even though it’s sending the same commands as the web gui) but now when I set AxisState_CLOSED_LOOP_CONTROL I get MISSING_ESTIMATE error.

I’m trying to get the motor to move and when I use ControlMode.POSITION_CONTROL and set input_pos nothing happens. No errors. The motor doesn’t move.

I figured some more things out. If I try to use FULL_CALIBRATION_SEQUENCE I get the ILLEGAL_HALL_STATE error. ignore_illegal_hall_state makes no difference. If I do MOTOR_CALIBRATION followed by ENCODER_HALL_POLARITY_CALIBRATION followed by ENCODER_HALL_PHASE_CALIBRATION followed by ENCODER_OFFSET_CALIBRATION_ I don’t get an error, but after that when I then set CLOSED_LOOP_CONTROL I get the NOT_CALIBRATED error.

Sometimes I get missing estimate…sometimes I get not calibrated.

Figured this out. I had the harness wired backwards. Doh! :disappointed:

Glad you figured that out!