Getting max power out of hoverboards

I recently got my ODrive and as a first project I am motorizing an old Bobby car. As such, I was wondering how to get the maximum performance (in terms of speed and torque) out of the hoverboard motors I’m using. I started playing around with velocity control, but have a few questions: what is the maximum velocity, and what happens if I enter a value above that? Also, while trying to answer that question I started to run into ILLEGAL_HALL_STATE_ERRORS. Though I have already ordered capacitors for filtering, I was wondering if there was a way to reset the motor without having to reset the ODrive (ie get the motor spinning again after an error)?

Any help is much appreciated.

Hello @Carl_Schoeller,

The maximum velocity of your motor will be limited by the supply voltage. If you enter a value above that, the motor will just reach the maximum velocity that the supply voltage allows.
What is the rated supply voltage of your motor?
If you increase the supply voltage, your motor can spin faster but it’s not recommended to supply a motor with a higher voltage than its rated voltage.
Some motor controllers can make brushless motors spin a little faster than this limit. But if you go over this limit, the efficiency of the motor will decrease very fast and it will draw a lot of current. (it’s about keeping the same velocity/phase voltage ratio)

About the Hall_State problem, I had this kind of problem and I solved it with the help of this post : Encoder error ERROR_ILLEGAL_HALL_STATE

I hope it can help you.


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