Getting started: power supply and resistor selection

I want to help get someone like me up and running as easily as possible… e.g a ee-dumb software guy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What type of power supply is best?
Given my motor, how do I choose the resistor?
Where do i put the resistor?


I would recommend this 24V power supply.
You can pick the power resistor resistance with the help of the brake resistor column in the motor guide.
The power rating of the resistor depends on your application, but 50W should be a good starting point. One specific recommendation is this power resistor.
The resistor is plugged into the + and - of the AUX port in the middle of the board.

I mocked up the connections that I’m planning to make

It sounds like there are some instructions on your early blog posts about mounting the encoders too.

I’ll keep posting more questions as I get to it, but I figured I’d post here for other people’s benefit!

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For encoder mounting, check this post about the CUI encoders, and this blog post about the jigs that went in the kits.

Great! Another silly question I’m sure:

  • how did you hook up the power supply to the wall; just strip your own from an old computer cable?

  • how do you decide what gauge wire to use for connecting each component:

    • power to odrive
    • motors to odrive
    • resistor to odrive


Yeah I just cut and stripped a power cable. Be careful about which wire is which inside, check the color codes.

For the wires you mention, the short answer is “thick”. The long answer depends on your application exactly, and how much power and current you plan to run through the cables.
I would say: minimum AWG14 for the motor wires, and AWG18 for the others. Personally I just put AWG12 for everything, makes it easy.