Golf cart

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My golf cart project is advancing.
I have put some questions on the community but till now no answers. ( I can not find them back? when I enter golf cart or golf cart))
In the mean time I solved most of the problems.
I have two 800 Watt hub motors calibrated and both are running except some PID adjustments.
An Arduino nano is controlling.
PWM pin 9 and 10 connected to 3 and 4 on the Odrive.
The problem:
I never get the two motors running.
PWM 9 connected to 3 or 4 ; motor 0 or 1 runs fine
PWM 10 connected to 3 or 4 ; motor 0 or 1 runs fine
BUT when BOTH 9 and 10 connected to 3 and 4
The motors stops and even the power drops off.
Very strange? I checked all the connections and is ok. Also oscilloscope gives nice signal on 9 and 10

Both motors can run together when controlled from the python software.

In the beginning of the project I tested with two hoverboards motors and that worked , although sometimes one of the motors went of.

Honestly that’s just weird. You have a good ground between the nano and the odrive?

Have you tried adding ferrite rings?

Yes I have
Now I tried a spare Odrive and same problem

I did not yet ; but I can run the two motors from anaconda software so I believe it will not help.

It’s still possible that something is interfering with your PWM input but not USB.

Also, can you check that the Arduino is outputting both PWM signals correctly? Do you have an oscilloscope?
(If you don’t have an oscilloscope, you could try one of these cheap saleae clones:

It could be that the timer interrupt for one signal is corrupting the other. Although that shouldn’t happen if you are using the built in analogWrite() PWM function of Arduino.