Graphs and send commands at the same time

Hello everyone. I’m just getting started with Odrive and have little experience with similar systems. For my experiments, I want to look at the graphs of various parameters and send commands to the board at the same time. But, if I run liveplotter, then I cannot send commands to the board. Is there some way to do something like this using just a USB connection, or do you need an additional interface?
Maybe write a script that runs both odrivetool and liveplotter?
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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That shouldn’t be the case. The liveplotter runs in a parallel thread…

You can try the GUI. it’s a beta version but it should work OK for plotting. See ODrive GUI Beta Release

Does it?
If you run the liveplotter via odrivetool liveplotter then it ties up the device and you cannot run another instance of odrivetool.
Is there another way to run the liveplotter? perhaps from within the odrivetool shell?

Ok! Thanks! I will try.