Ground Loops with CAN BUS?

I keep having my Odrives die on me. I think this is because of a Ground loop problem. Because I am using a CAN bus to communicate between the different ODrive’s I can’t use an Opto-Isolator because 0 is 2.5v and 1 is 5v on the High and 0v on the low wire. (I think that’s correct)

I could use a USB Opto-Isolator and then power the Teensy off the 5v coming from one of the Odrives but I’m not sure this is a good idea or if it would even solve my problem.

Currently, I am using a common ground like in the picture but in the past I have not connected all the grounds together and I still had the same problem.

Let me know what you think thanks

FYI this is what I’m working on

  1. You need to ground the ODrives to the Teensy, CAN doesn’t work without ground.
  2. Isolate the USB connection to the teensy, so that your whole system is grounded to and powered by the battery instead. Or use CAN isolators…
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Very cool project!

When you say die, what exactly on the odrives died?
I am surpised that this ground loop would kill them. I would only connect one odrives ground to the Teensy ground so that there is no loop. If CAN is reliable then no point in adding more gorunds.

Do you have any inrush curent protection between the battery and the odrives?
Inrush kills. I learnt that the hard way.

Towen’s solution is by far the easiest.


I should’ve clarified this earlier. I have had the same problem on 24v and on the full 56v. I mostly test in 24v and that is where I get most of the problems with the “Odrive dying”.

When I say “dying” I should have said that the Odrive USB refuses to show up on the PC and the Odrive will not respond, sometimes I can change it to DFU mode and re-flash the firmware and then it starts working again but sometimes that doesn’t work. I am only assuming it could be a possible ground loop. I’m going to try and add a temporary resistor in series when I first power it up for 2 seconds then bypass the resistor. Maybe that may help because the problem always happens on power up.

Thanks Wetmelon for the reply
The Teensy 4.1 CAN bus shield ground is already connected to the Teensy ground and the same ground is connected to the Odrives ground as per the diagram.

I will try a USB isolator (it’s on order) and then power the teensy off of the 5v from the Odrive. (let me know if this is a bad idea)
I was unable to find a CAN isolator that would be able to output a 0v, 2.5v and 5v for a CAN bus. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought 0 is 2.5v and 1 is 5v on the High wire and 0v on the low wire. All I can find are isolators that work on 0v or 5v.

When the CAN bus output is “ON”, the CANH line is driven to 5V and the CANL line is driven to 0V. When the outputs are off, the termination resistors allow the bus to return to ~2.5V. The drivers are 0V or 5V only

Also, 0 is the dominant bit. So when the drivers are on, there is a 0 on CANL, and the output is 0.


@itisieric have you managed to fix this issue?