Hall mode no longer supported?

After speeding 2 years using AB encoders that come built into the wheel motors we are using (hoverboard motors) we are exploring using Hall mode again.
Due to over time we are missing some encoder pulses and as the odrive does not monitor index pulse after initial preroll, any errors can add up and mean that physical motor position can be out compared to the odrives model and hence pours excess current into the motor with no benefit, quickly melting the motor :frowning:
We are now monitoring both the current (squared) over time and thermister in the motor. This saves the motor from melting but doesn’t stop unpredictable movement of the motor when the magnetic position is out.
So just going to trying and tune the motor using hall again, guessing we will not achieve the smooth low speed movement we require but need to try something.
But ```
odrv0.axis0.encoder.config.mode = ENCODER_MODE_HALL

I did a odrive tool update but perhaps it did not working because the version running is odrive tool 0.4.1 not sure if that is the latest?

OK managed to download and run a later version of the odrive tool and it has solved the issue.