Help getting started with a 2212 980kV motor

I’m trying to get started with the odrive. When I switch it on, it’ll do the calibration slowly, and then start spinning continuously - it won’t hold position. I’ve put it in position control mode.

I’m using this motor with the amt102 encoder from odrive. I have a Odrive v3.4-24V board and My motor has 14 permanent magnets inside the case and can take upto around 30A of current.

From what I can see, all the default parameters in config apply to my motor. Please help me debug the issue. This is how I’ve setup my motor:

Usually runnaway condition is caused by the encoder mounting being mechanically inadequate. So I would suggest you use a stiffer way to hold the encoder.

Thank you for the reply. That was indeed the cause. I made a better mounting for the encoder and now the motor behaves.

It’s tough to make a good mounting when the motor doesn’t have a rear shaft to attach the encoder to.

We have dual shaft motors available for this reason: