Hoverboard Motor - Phase Ind and Res 0, Offset_Float 0


Hey Guys,

Just setting up the ODrive with a Hoverboard motor. Walking through the guide on the website is simple, but I’m noticing a few issues I’m running into.

First…The Phase Inductance and Resistance are 0. I’ve checked the connections as well as opened up the motor to check the number of magnetic poles. No error though.

Also, when I do the same for the encoder, I’m getting an offset_float of 0. Once again, no error. (New User, can’t post another image)

Just for the heck of it I still moved on in the guide and tried spinning the motors…nothing.

I don’t have the 22nF caps added yet, they’re currently on order. As far as setup, I’m using a 24V 1A power supply just for initial testing until I get the power pack I bought setup. Any ideas what might be causing these issues?


Here’s the other photo.

After some troubleshooting I managed to get the phase inductance and resistance. The encoder calibration still isn’t working but I’m guessing it’s due to the lack of 22nF caps. I’m going to try a larger power supply and adding the caps to see if it helps.