HoverBot, self-balancing vehicle with hoverboard wheels


A radio controlled two-wheeled self balancing vehicle. The build is very simple. It uses two current-controlled hoverboard motors with hall sensors and the ODrive as explained here and the auxiliary capacitors as explained here.
It runs off a 6S Lipo battery with 22.2V nominally. Equipped with a BNO055 IMU and controlled at 100Hz from an Arduino that gets its commands from an RC receiver via PWM.

The plan ist to turn this into something useful eventually - any ideas are highly welcome :slight_smile:

Code: https://github.com/LuSeKa/HoverBot
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp_vRK7mbwY



I am working on a similar project !
I am using an arduino to do the low level control of the inverted pendulum.
I am planning to buy the Nvidia Jetson Nano to do the high level stuff like person following usong my intel D435



Is it possible that your share the Odrive configuration, since you don’t use speed control ( I assume by readinbg your code you are using direct current torque control) ?
Thanks ^^ !



Wow this is what I am looking for … could you please explain the full details with schematic diagram and coding thanks a lot .