How can I fix these errors?

Below are the current errors that I’m getting from one of my 2 odrives. This one also has been having problems calibrating since its motors have been reattached to their treads. I’ve already tried switching the motors and encoders to see if those were causing the issues. But, it seems that the odrive is the issue. Can anyone help me in figuring this out.

Well, start by ensuring the odrive and the odrivetool are on the same firmware version. Upgrade the firmware with odrivetool dfu or downgrade your odrivetool.

Are you intending to use the index pin?

I thought that I was but every time I recalibrate it, I keep getting this error

here’s what happens when I try to update the firmware through Odrivetool

pip install --upgrade odrive first

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Thank you, I did that, and it turned out that I needed to engage the brake resistor

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