How to get the maximum speed?

The motor I use does not have the speed like this video.

ODrive will in general drive to about 75% of base speed, so my 100kv motor on 24V would reach 1800 RPM.
Since I use the motor at reduced speed(Reduction ratio 1:8), the speed will be 225 PRM.
But the current speed is only about 20 RPM.
What is the max speed possible?

My Environment

My config is as shown in the picture.

How to get the maximum speed?

According to your settings current_lim is set to 1. I think that will be the issue.

I set current_lim=3, so the current speed became about 60 RPM.
Because the vibration was large, I changed the following gains,

But when I set current_lim=4, the motor started and then stopped.
I got the following error.
axis0 axis: Error(s): ERROR_DC_BUS_OVER_VOLTAGE
What parameters should I change?

Did you connect a brake resistor and configure it?

Oh, sorry, I made a mistake.
I got the following error.
axis0 axis: Error(s): ERROR_DC_BUS_UNDER_VOLTAGE

What is your power source? Can it supply current more than 4A?
Power wires and connections can be source of problem. More current makes more voltage drop on wires and connections

I use gimbal motor.
According to the website, current_lim is 4V, not 4A?

Note: When using gimbal motors, current_lim and calibration_current actually mean “voltage limit” and “calibration voltage”, since we don’t use current feedback. This means that if you set it to 10, it means 10V, despite the name of the parameter.